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15-Apr-2014 Current Status of Working Environment and Chronic Fatigue for Nurses in Clinical Care Kurosawa, Mayuko; Sato, Junko; Mizuki, Nobuko; Nishizawa, Yoshiko HirosakiMedJ_65(1)_43.pdf
18-Mar-2016 Current Theories Driving Communicative EFL Education Edward, Forsythe HirogakuKiyo_52_25.pdf
2-Apr-2013 Custom Synthesis of Hyaluronan/Chondroitin Sulfate Hybrid Oligosaccharides : For Future Medical Applications Kakizaki, Ikuko; Suto, Shinichiro; Tatara, Yota; Endo, Masahiko HirosakiMedJ_64_S53.pdf
31-Oct-2012 DAISY風テキストリーダーの開発 小山, 智史 BFEduHirosaki_108_163.pdf
25-Mar-1990 The Deception of the Vision in Poe's Tales Sato, Kazuhiro HirogakuKiyo_26_21.pdf
30-Sep-2015 Decreased DNA methylation in the promoter region of the WNT5A and GDNF genes may promote the osteogenicity of mesenchymal stem cells from patients with ossified spinal ligaments. Chiba, Noriyuki tdm_1903_chiba.pdf
24-Mar-2015 Decreased expression of carbonyl reductase 1 promotes ovarian cancer growth and proliferation Osawa, Yuki tdm_1872_osawa.pdf
27-Mar-2002 Degradation of pectic polysaccharides in various fruits by pectinase derived from Aspergillus niger Kumpoun, Wilawan; Motomura, Yoshie NoseiGakuHokoku_4_31.pdf
31-Aug-2001 Descriptio urbis再考 : 「ローマの略奪」以前のパルミジャニーノの制作環境 足達, 薫 AA11349168_6_l1.pdf
25-Mar-2016 Desferrioxamine, An Iron Chelator, Induces CXCL8 Expression in U373MG Human Astrocytoma Cells Onda, Kaoru; Yoshida, Hidemi; Hayakari, Ryo; Xing, Fei; Wang, Lian; Matsumiya, Tomoh; Kawaguchi, Shogo; Murakami, Manabu; Imaizumi, Tadaatsu HirosakiMedJ_66(2-4)_127.pdf
23-Mar-2016 Detection of core2 β-1,6-N-Acetylglucosaminyltransferase in post-digital rectal examination urine is a reliable indicator for extracapsular extension of prostate cancer. Kojima, Yuta tdm_1913_kojima.pdf
24-Mar-2010 Developing English Language Skills and Learner Autonomy : A Writing-Based Approach in the Lower Secondary School Classroom Miyamoto, Chikako mt_498_miyamoto.pdf
20-Mar-2014 Development and Application of Fluoroalkyl End-capped Sulfobetaine-type Oligomeric Nanocomposites Kijima, Tetsushi tds_31_kijima.pdf
23-Mar-2017 Development and Applications of Fluorinated Oligomeric Nanocomposites Imparted by Ionic Liquids Sutoh, Yoshitaka tds_52_sutoh.pdf
23-Mar-2016 Development of Bismuth Oxide Based Materials for Intermediate Temperature Solid Oxide Fuel Cells (SOFCs) Deni, Shidqi Khaerudini tds_50_Deni_a2.pdf
23-Mar-2011 Development of Coping Processes Against“ Listening Stress” 野呂, 徳治 BFEduHirosaki_105_125.pdf
23-Mar-2016 Development of perfluoro-oxaalkylene units-containing compounds: Application to preparation of silica nanocomposites with these fluorinated compounds Sumino, Eisaku tds_46_sumino.pdf
30-Sep-2015 Development of perovskite symmetrical electrodes with enhanced coking resistance for solid oxide fuel cell (SOFC)  Zhang, Peng tds_43_zhang_a2.pdf
20-Mar-1999 Dickens の狂気 : 躁暴と白痴の観点から 小野寺, 進 AA11349168_1_l31.pdf
28-Feb-2013 Didactique des langues étrangères et compétence sociolinguistique. Janson, Michel JinbunShakaiRonso_J29_27.pdf
31-Jan-2002 Die Entschlusselung des menschlichen Genoms : Ethische und rechtliche Aspeke Reiter, Johannes; 五十嵐, 靖彦 AN00150918_36_32.pdf
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