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23-Mar-2017 Novel method of assessing ascending aorta with a stenotic bicuspid aortic valve 服部, 薫 tdm_1963_hattori.pdf
2-Apr-2013 A Novel Nrf2-Mediated Antioxidative and Antiinflammatory Mechanism through Ferroportin 1 Induction : A Potential Cytoprotective Mechanism against Ischemia-Reperfusion Injuries Harada, Nobuhiko; Matsuura, Shin; Kanayama, Masaya; Yoshida, Aruto; Itoh, Ken HirosakiMedJ_64_S74.pdf
24-Mar-2015 Nrf2- and ATF4-Dependent Upregulation of xCT Modulates the Sensitivity of T24 Bladder Carcinoma Cells to Proteasome Inhibition 叶, 鵬 tdm_1899_ie.pdf
Aug-2006 O1-46 IL-1βのてんかん原性機序 : 海馬アデノシン遊離に対する効果の検討 朱, 剛; 岡田, 元宏; 吉田, 淑子; 若林, 孝一; 兼子, 直 TenkanKenkyu_24(3)_110-1.pdf
Aug-2006 O1-47 細胞内カルシウム放出機構(CICR)に対する抗てんかん薬ゾニサミドの効果 岡田, 元宏; 吉田, 淑子; 朱, 剛; 上野, 伸哉; 兼子, 直 TenkanKenkyu_24(3)_110-2.pdf
25-Mar-2001 The Oberammergau Passion Play : An Interview with Professor Gordon Mork, PhD Leonard, Todd Jay HirogakuKiyo_37_1.pdf
30-Mar-2011 The occurrence range of proper lesions (neurofibrillary tangles and senile plaques) to Alzheimer’s disease : patho-anatomical study of a familial Alzheimer 吉村, 教暤 HirosakiIryoFukushi_2(1)_1.pdf
1-Feb-1964 Of Human Bondage における 〈Maugham 自身〉について 佐藤, 匡 AN00211819_31_47.pdf
2016 Olmesartan inhibits cardiac hypertrophy in mice overexpressing renin independently of blood pressure: its beneficial effects on ACE2/Ang(1-7)/Mas axis and NADPH oxidase expression  丹野, 倫宏 tdm 1952 Tanno a1.pdf
tdm 1952 Tanno a2.pdf
tdm 1952 Tanno s1.pdf
29-Nov-2007 Omental milky spots are splenoid in nature Takemori, Nobuo HirosakiMedJ_59_S288.pdf
24-Mar-1985 On T.S.Eliot's Solipsism Murata, Shunichi AN00410054_5_l135.pdf
20-Jul-1993 On the Euler Equations of a Nonhomogeneous Ideal Incompressible Fluid Itoh, Shigeharu AN00211590_70_33.pdf
31-Oct-1997 On the Euler Equations of Nonhomogeneous Incompressible Perfect Fluids Itoh, Shigeharu AN00211590_78_35.pdf
31-Oct-1996 On the Vanishing Viscosity in the Cauchy Problem for Equations of a Nohomogeneous Incompressible Fluid II Itoh, Shigeharu AN00211590_76_33.pdf
24-Mar-2010 On Witi Ihimaera's Novel The Rope of Man as The Circle of Witi Ihimaera's 30 Years Narita, Wataru mth_130_narita.pdf
28-Feb-2014 On-Board Imager を用いたセットアップエラーならびに上肢固定具の固定精度の検証 寺島, 真悟; 藤元, 晋; 青木, 昌彦; 髙井, 良尋; 細川, 洋一郎 HirosakiMedJ_64(2-4)_170.pdf
29-Nov-2007 Opioids and the neuroimmune axis Lambert, David G.; Williams, John P.; Thompson, Jonathan P. HirosakiMedJ_59_S109.pdf
Aug-2005 Optic Disc Characteristics Assessed by Evaluation of Clinical Optic Disc Photographs in Glaucoma Patients 大黒, 幾代; 大黒, 浩; 大黒, 博; 中澤, 満 KJ00004529549.pdf
23-Mar-2017 Optical coherence tomography of retinal degeneration in Royal College of Surgeons rats and its correlation with morphology and electroretinography 安達, 功武 tdm_1969_adachi.pdf
Jan-2014 Osteogenic lineage commitment of mesenchymal stem cells from patients with ossification of the posterior longitudinal ligament Harada, Yoshifumi tdm_1834_Harada.pdf
9-Oct-2015 OVER Revisited Okuno, Tadanori BFEduHirosaki_114_105.pdf
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